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One Day Package - You will get 500+ photographs


One Day Package - You will get Candid Photographer + Traditional photographer + Cinematographer + Traditional videographer + 50 Sheets Album


One Day Package - You will get Candid Photographer + Traditional photographer + Traditional videographer + 50 sheets Album


The company understands the meaning behind the sound track of the wedding and this is why they use many types of external microphones to make sure that high quality of the sound is recorded at its optimum. The company will also work on digital process, high resolution audio and sound recording and others. The company have electronic gadget that they can use in order to add the glitters to the wedding.

The Vivah Story deals with color grading which is a process of enhancing and altering the color for the motion pictures, still images and video images both digitally, photo-chemically and electronically. This is used to describe the characteristics, feelings and emotions. It is a powerful weapon to use in different photos.

The video editing is the part of the innovative post production for the process of the filmmaking. It is the most time consuming of Vivah Story when it comes to the filmmaking process. The company keeps the eye at the content, they select and they prepare the written visual to be audible. This is what film media can use to convey the information.

The team of Vivah Story has experience for the wedding photojournalism and they have spent some years doing just like that. The team is dealing with the cinematographers and the destination wedding photographers in the entire Delhi and they also want to reach to the entire India and other countries. The team is known to capture your story during the big day and they can capture the artistic portraits while at the same time making sure that everyone who attended the wedding is included. The team is made up by the experts and they will make sure that they have capture friends, family, groom and bride in their pictures. The company also works on the wedding teaser, wedding short story, cinematic wedding album, couple portraits, candid wedding images and offers pre-wedding photography.

The Vivah Story deals with color grading which is a process of enhancing and altering the color for the motion pictures, still images and video images both digitally, photo-chemically and electronically. This is used to describe the characteristics, feelings and emotions. It is a powerful weapon to use in different photos.

It is known that shooting the wedding is something that it is a huge responsibility and you have only one chance of getting everything right. The company is known to take care of making the wedding films and photographs. While taking the pictures, the company uses wide angles lens, high speed memory cards, speed lights, telephoto lens, medium zoom lens and backup camera. When the company shoot the cinematic wedding video, they make sure that the entire video is found in the HD quality. The expert professional team, color correct, edits, shoot and team plan for the video that will delight the customers. The camera of the company will produce good pictures quality even when it is being taken into the low light place. For the wedding, most of the time, the situations means that the place is in the low light situation and it is important to use the camera that can capture in low light place but while at the same time producing crystal clear sound with quality video.

The Vivah Story is known to have the best when it comes to taking pre-wedding and wedding photographers in Delhi and in the entire India. The photographers of the company have the background in corporate and film industry where people are looking for quality and perfection to send the message to the viewers using a short duration of the movies. The photographers are aware of the professional color correction, crystal clear sound and post production needs to make sure that the wedding movie is attractive and the viewers will be connected for the entire movie.


If you are looking for the Wedding photography in Delhi, you need the photographer who will not only capture the photos for your big day but who will also be able to capture the emotions of the day and to offer the long lasting memories for the day.

At The VIVAH Story, we will help you to do this and even much more.

We have a large number of the pictures in our portfolio and it will be easier for you to check and get the idea of what to expect from us. We will do whatever you want us to do such as making the forward record for the day or to capture a romance bond that exists between your partner and you. We are experienced photographers and we have proven ourselves in terms of the ability, talent and work but at the same time, we are still affordable.

We understand that the pictures are important to you and to your business. We make sure that we give you plenty of the time for the family with friends and group images together as portraits of you and your wife or husband that you can keep for many years to come. We make sure that we do not only help you to get the creative pictures but also to take creative video. As Wedding photographers in Delhi, we take time to shoot the pictures of the newly wedded couple to have intimate photos of the couple without having to include other people in the picture.

Before the wedding, we encourage the couple to get in touch with our Candid photographers and we can send the person in charge of your wedding to the wedding venue to get the idea of what it will look like. When you take the photographer to the venue, you can show him what you like about the place and what you want to find in your pictures and he will ensure that he capture them during your wedding. It is good to bond with the wedding photographer before so that you can feel free with him during the wedding and that you do not repeat one routine after the other. Each wedding is unique and it has to be captured differently through the Candid photography.

Always remember that the photos are the only thing that will remain after the wedding so you should not keep it as the last thought. With us, you will never feel disappointed since we understand what you need for your wedding. You should not consider too cheap photographers since they may ruin your entire day.

We have invested in the right technology and we use our effort and time to ensure that the wedding photos are completely incredible and this includes the hours of post processing the pictures so that they may shine. Some wedding photographers only shoot and burn your pictures and they do not edit anything about them and they give raw pictures.

We suggest that you put at least 10 percent of the budget of the entire wedding to the pictures.

If you are not sure of our services, we have the Pre wedding photographers in Delhi, India that can take your pre-wedding pictures and you can be aware of the quality of the service we offer before your wedding. We always make sure that you meet with us before the wedding even on the skype if you cannot come in person. The photographer is going to stay with you for the entire day and the only way, you can be comfortable with him is when you spend time with him before the wedding day.

Our Pre wedding photography, include the full pre-wedding images and not just some bits of the day. We ensure that everything keeps in the consistency of the day.

During our consultation, we will make sure that we understand what you need to have for your wedding. If you give us more information, the better we will be able to take good pictures for your wedding. When it comes to Destination wedding photographer, we always have a contingent plan to put in place in case there is a bad weather and the plans have to be changed.

It is time to contact us at THE VIVAH STORY to know more about us and our wedding photography service.


At THE VIVAH STORY wedding photography in Delhi, we understand that the right thing to have in the wedding photograph is the emotion. There is no need to have Wedding photography, when the couple is looking somber or if they only stare into a camera. The picture is an indicative of the day and there should be a twinkle in the eyes of a groom or the tear that escape in the corner of the eye of the bride while gazing her husband.

Our Wedding photographers make sure that the pictures they take are priceless, timeless and classic. The emotions are the substance of any good wedding photos. We have the right experience to make sure that you can get the photographers that can stir the emotional memories when you look at such pictures.

When it comes to capturing the emotions that come with the wedding, it is important to hire an experienced photographer. The photographer is someone who is going to respect your vision and he should be comfortable with you to ensure that there is a natural feel to the emotions that are found with your pictures.

Our Candid photographers come to the wedding venue early and they will start to interact with the couple so that the couple can be at ease. The photographer should be aware of the family members together with the groom and the bride. Having experienced photographer will help you to achieve to the vision you have for your wedding and he is the one to direct everything on his own so that he can get the right shots.

Our photographers are aware of how to take the photos and they will not interfere with the activities that take place during the day. There are many moments in the wedding that are once in a lifetime moments. You are not able to redo what takes place so that you can get a new shot to what took place. Our photographers have the needed experience to get everything right with the first trial.

At The VIVAH Story we understand that your wedding is a turning point of your life and we make sure that everything is captured in the professional manner and the memory is going to be preserved through Candid photography forever.

The following are the qualities that our photographers have to ensure that you get the best pictures for your wedding.

Experience: the skills of our photographers were developed by experience. When you check our portfolio, you will find that we have been in charge of different weddings and we have covered different types of wedding. We have the photos from the wedding that we have covered and you can judge yourself about the quality of our work. We have comprehensive portfolio that we can show to our potential customers.

Personality: during your wedding, it is time that you should shine and you should have things to go as you wish. This is something that has to be reflected into the pictures taken. The Pre wedding photographers should be aware of what you like and what you do not like and can take the pictures taking that into consideration. Our photographers are friendly because they have to be associated with different people while taking your pictures.

Focus: for the wedding and Pre wedding photography, it is important for the photographer to be focused to one thing. Our photographers are able to maintain the attention and to focus on the job which is at the hand and he should not be carried away or become tired. This is to ensure that each moment of the wedding has been covered from the time that the groom and the bride walk in to the end of the wedding.

Good reputation: there is nothing that may give the best insight into the wedding than the quality of the services with the honest reviews that are given by the past clients for the Destination wedding photographer. You have to ask for the reference and you have to follow up such references and you should inquire on the experience that these clients had.

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    We deals in the wedding cinematography and wedding photography in Delhi. We are best when it comes to the candid wedding photographers in addition of filming.

    The Vivah Story is a wedding photography company that deals with the wedding cinematography and wedding photography. It is based in India, Delhi and it was established in 2012. The company is the best when it comes to the candid wedding photographers and in addition of filming, they also offer post production services with the advanced techniques for innovative strategy that can help to serve the client better. The company has covered many incredible things like photographers, blooming within the air, setting up of the lighting and to shoot candidly. The company experiments with the style and the volume while using all angles in order to get original images and this will tell the story of that day. They use the cinema equipments like glidcam, slider and steadicams which allow the photographer and cinematographer to be introduced to a wide variety of the shots that are taken.

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