Emotion Slideshow with a Spectacular Design SS12

Emotion Slideshow with a spectacular design, simple text animations and smooth transitioning effects. Available in Horizontal versions. For more information and for custom orders feel free to contact us anytime. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What we need
- 36 Images or videos clips in high quality.
- 36 Text frame
- You can also provide a backing music track for your slideshow or I can choose royalty free music
What you will get?
- Default 1080p Video as shown in sample
- Playback duration:
- Horizontal Orientation
- Video format of your choice
- Default final output format in MP4
- Customer friendly service & communication
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed
- Manually create professional animation and style
- 3 Working Day Delivery
Revisions – 1 times
You can also order this slideshow for the following:
- Presentation
- Promotions
- Product promotion
- Advertisement
- Marketing
- Business Promotional video
- Brand Video
- Exhibition Promotional video
- Web page

- Wedding Slideshow
- Wedding Anniversary Slideshow
- Special Events Slideshow
- Maternity Slideshow
- Facebook And Other Social Media Slideshow
- Birthday Slideshow
- Babies Slideshow
- Website Slideshow
- Sports And Games Photo Slideshow
- Vacation Slideshow
- Memories Slideshow
- Wedding album
- Business Promotion/Slideshow
- Vacation / travel video
- Wedding Memories
- Emotional Slideshow
- Mobile Slideshow
- Kids Gallery
- Family Slideshow
- Cinematic Slideshow
- Love Gallery
- Valentines Slideshow
- Dynamic Slideshow
- Vintage Memories
- Film Slideshow

- Wedding Invitation
- Save the Date
- Invitation Video
- Birthday Invitation
- Party Invitation
- Baby birth message

- Rename your photos with numbers to follow the sequence, you desire in the video. E.g. 01.jpg for the first photo, 02.jpg for the second photo and so on.
- Text if not provided I will remove text part from the slideshow