Cinematic Wedding Films in Delhi

If you have already everything you need for the wedding, the band, cake, flowers, suits and dresses, then it is time to look for the best photographer for your wedding to make sure that your wedding day is turned into the everlasting memories. The photos taken should be timeless and beautiful since they are the most important day of your own life and they should help both the groom and the bride to revive their excitement and romance once again.

At The VIVAH Story, we have different types of wedding photographers and it is up to you to choose who you like most. You can choose the Cinematic wedding Video or any other type of the photographer you want. 

We make sure that we have high quality photographs that capture different styles to the clients but at the same time that can capture the entire Wedding Story so that we can showcase the fun and the happiness of the day. You have to be clear about the style that you wish to have and we make sure that as photographers, we can help you to achieve it.

When you put your trust into our company, we will make sure that we took the true account and the best images of the day. We will make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable for the day. We encourage you to meet us before the wedding since this is the only way you can be able to know if you connect or you do not connect with your photographer. We also ask you about the guests since the wedding photographer should be friendly, down to earth and approachable in order to blend well into the guests and to capture the most important time of the day.

Even if the price is among the deciding factor when it comes to Wedding Film, we ensure our customers that we do not only offer the best services but we also offer affordable services. We are open about the budget and we want you to be clear about the budget you have at hand. When we have a clear dialogue before time, we will help to resolve the problem. As wedding photographers, we offer different packages that can suit the needs of different clients. We do offer the services but different couples have also different requirements and expectations and this is why we tailor the packages that suit each couple on its own. We do not charge any hidden fee, the cost we quote is the exact cost that we will charge you and where you may have to pay additional fee, we will let you know about them beforehand.

We have experience as the Wedding Videographers in Delhi, and sometime we have to be entertainer for the children, photographers and coordinators of your wedding to make sure that we succeeded in doing what we have to do. Taking the video is a just a one part of being a wedding photographer and without the right experience with the ability of performing under the pressure, we may miss some important moments of your wedding.

Our photographers are willing to meet you and to visit the venue where the wedding will take place so that they can take time to explore the locations where the best photos can be taken. It is also good if we also meet the wedding coordinator and venue proprietor to ensure that every person gets clear understanding of the agenda and what has to be done.

Most of the time; we work with the clients who came to know about us through the recommendation from the past clients who used our Wedding Video Services. Since most clients that we have worked for are happy with the services they get, they are going to recommend the services to their friends or family members and they will use our service in return. As good photographers, our clients are always giving the testimonial before others and this shows the quality of the services we offer.

We have experience in dealing with HD Wedding Video and you can come to our office to view the past videos that we have already taken. Our photographers will work all day and even all night to ensure that they capture the most important time of your wedding.

Swati + Naveen - Wedding Cinematic Teaser | Delhi from The Vivah Story on Vimeo.

Wedding Invitation Video | Save the Date of Ratish & Parul from The Vivah Story on Vimeo.
Pre Wedding Photography | Videoshoot in Delhi | Hitesh & Kankia from The Vivah Story on Vimeo.


Wedding is a big event in a person’s life and every person wants to capture each and every moment of it. A wedding is not a single moment but is a live event and everyone wants to capture it in a right manner. This special moment contains sweet memories of a person and wedding videos make it possible to knit these pleasant memories in a person’s life.

The recent years has brought various changes in the wedding videography industry. Videos that once were less famous because of poor quality, are now became a part of our daily life. There was a time when only photographs were in wedding but now a revolution has come in the wedding videography which provides you with stunning pictures showing a sequence of events with reactions and emotion that a photograph cannot show. 

Today is the time HD – 4K videography (High definition videography). Now technology has gone so far that it provides not just a normal wedding video but a wedding film. Wedding film gives an ultimate cinematic recording of the memorable day to the couple.

Due to the increase and updating of the wedding videography technology most couple look for wedding video service providers, with their latest cameras, high definition lenses and modern stabilization equipments has made it possible to give your wedding a stunning look and make your wedding moments memorable. Wedding video services provides you with high definition video technology and blue ray discs using DSLR camera. Latest videography computer editing software’s gives a new touch to the wedding videos.

Wedding videography industry has gone very far providing you with various types of wedding videos. One of these type is the Traditional wedding video in Delhi in which a movie or film of the wedding is made. In this, videos are captured and edited to give the video a dramatic effect and mood. These videos are presented in a stylish manner and adds a wow factor to it giving the video a new look.

Another type of videography is the Cinematic wedding story in which the video relies on sound bites which are usually spoken by the bride and groom before, during or after the event. The Vivah Story uses these sound bites and adds them in the audio track giving the wedding video a new dramatic effect and pushes the story of the day forward.

Wedding films are also very popular now days. In wedding films, videos are edited to fit within a time frame of 15 to 50 minutes. To create these kinds of films, the videographer films the pre-ceremony events, the ceremony, the photo shoot and the traditional reception events and shortens them in such a way that each event is covered properly and presented in a unique manner. These films are very much different from traditional wedding videos because traditional video includes all the footages in a chronological order. These do not include all the footages of the wedding and these are not in a chronological order. The basic thing in wedding films is that it includes audio commentary of the interviews of bride and groom or commentary from the guests.

So now we can say that the wedding videography industry has taken a new step in the modern world giving the video a totally new turn.