Online Wedding Video Editing Services in Delhi

video editing services

If you have some fresh footage you'd like to be made into a story line (wedding, travel videos/vlogs/interviews, etc..). Cut with music, transitions, colour grading, stabilisation and more.We have talented Post-Production professionals looking to create great solutions for your wedding video editing needs. In following 4 easy steps.

1. Upload your raw footage

Upload your raw footage, background music and songs track to the following or any cloud space and send the downloadable links. We look at the footage and send you estimate for video editing services

2. Our video editing services includes

We go through every footage, take up correct angles in case of multi cam, pic the important moments, sync the audio in case of dictation, Colour adjustments, Add Background Music & Sound placement with key framing, Video Transitions, Special effects, export to MP4 and all of this results in a cinematic experience that is as beautiful as your wedding is!

3. Revisions if any

You review our work online and let us know what we should change.

4. Download you video

We will notify you as soon as your job is done you you can download your edited video directly.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

- Which video editing services you provide?

1. Wedding video editing services
2. Promotional video editing services
3. Wedding Invitation Video
4. Slideshow maker

- What do you need in order to start working?

I need all your footage, graphics, music, pictures, text (or any other materials you want me to use) the delivery time will only start its count after i receive all of your materials. this will help you get the most accurate result in less time.

- How can I send you my files?

This can be done by opening a Dropbox, Google One Drive or You can upload all of your footage to your account and include the share link upon placing your order. There are other services on the web as well that offer online storage for your footage.

- What kind of content do I need to provide for my video?

Video clips, Images, screenshots, Presentation Slides, Company/ product logos, graphics, text documents, etc - are more than welcome when creating a video. I can also create a video from scratch, so if you don´t have anything no worries.

- What kind of content do I need to provide for wedding video editing service?

1. Downloadable link of all your video clips and pictures and music or songs
2. Couple Name
3. Date of wedding event.
4. Any other text you want to add in the video.

- Our guests and relatives take video of our wedding day. Do you edit those movements as well ?

Yes, if your guest and relatives film your precious moments collect all the footage and upload it to our server. Don’t worry if the quality of the raw clips in not too notch. For us it doesn’t matter if you use you Phone, Camera, GoPro or other device to capture the important moments. We take any footage and turn into professional few minutes looking video, of which you will be proud and happy to share with your family and friends.

- Can I have music in my video?

Yes, I can add royalty free music to your video. However, that is not included in the Basic Package. To get an exact cost & frame, please contact me first.

- I have certain graphics that I would like to use in my project.

After placing your order, you can attach all of the graphics you would like to be included in your project.

- Do we let you know the best scenes and pictures  to include in the video?

Yes, Let us know which scenes and pictures you like best.

- Can you film extra videos for my project?

In most cases our team can create videos, but these gigs are only for editing & post-production. However, I can offer high quality royalty free footage for your project. Just ask me about it in the chat before placing your order.

- What kind of effects can I have in my video?

I can offer many different styles of editing, so I would need to know the exact details of your project to give you an exact quote. To give me those details, you can use the "Contact me" button on this page.

- Do I need footage?

Most projects do require footage to start, but I can work on projects from scratch as well. We can discuss the details over the chat. You can inquire about that by using the "Contact me" button on this page.

- How can we collaborate if you aren't sitting right beside me?

We can schedule a zoom call  and I can share my screen if needed.

- Can you polish or re-edit an already started video?

Yes, I will just need to get the project files from you or your past editor, or sometimes starting over from scratch with the raw footage is easier.

- How do revisions work?

How do revisions work? We offer one free revision that can be used to fix any small details or mistakes made according to the initial instructions. Anything outside the scope of the initial agreement must be paid for separate.

- How do I get custom offer?

Please upload all of the footage to GoogleDrive, DropBox or and send me a link together with project instructions and objectives. Once I look through the footage and all of the information, I will get back to you with my ideas and estimates.

- Can i get the clip in other suited formats (for YouTube or Facebook)?

Sure you can, with no additional charges, note the platforms rules for music use.

- Do i need to license the music which is included?

Yes, you need to buy the commercial license.

- Do you make wedding invitation Video?

Yes, we make wedding invitation video